Autogeneration is a programming concept of producing program code and its instant execution:
on demand 
without storing

This concept is:
based on our previously introduced SCT generator model  closely associated with scripting languages

Some benefits of using Autogeneration are:
– Changing the application ‘on the fly’
– Imperative statements in Specification
– Code introspection
– Optimization opportunities

Why Autogeneration?

Changing the application ‘on the fly’ 
– all changes in Specification, Configuration and Templates are instantly updated in the application (even if it is already working)
Imperative statements in Specification
are used to perform rarely used instructions, usually connected with updating program dependencies, like databases
Code introspection 
– finding the SCT origin of generated action
Optimization opportunities 
– there is no need to regenerate the whole application on each user’s demand i.e. only the needed part (i.e. according to requested action, used dataset, etc.) has to be generated